Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hamburgers (both vegetarian and beef) hot off the grill while steps away from the sand? That was part of our fantastic day. It all began with either fun at the rock climbing wall or a hike up the mountain behind camp. Groups switched in the afternoon so no one missed a single activity. It was not an entirely dry day because about 80% of the kids chose to go on the night snorkel tonight. The rest hiked again and viewed the stars as they learned interesting facts and listened to myths and legends. No complaints from anyone because everyone had a blast! At this moment, hikers are settling into bed and snorkelers are enjoying a cup of hot cocoa while they dry off. As you might imagine, we expect everyone to be sound asleep very soon. Tomorrow is another busy day. Labs are on the schedule for the morning and all of us will snorkel in the afternoon. The predicted temperature of 70 degrees promises a perfect, last water experience. Since visibility has been so good, out annual fish counnt will be productive. When we return to school, we have the kids compare this year's data with years past. It is time to go and tuck a whole bunch of kids into bed! More to come............ Mrs. G

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  1. Sounds like another awesome day. Thank you very much for taking the time to update.