Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 In the Afternoon

Spectacular. . . it is the best adjective to describe the day.  We've flipped today - groups one through four hiked this morning and are on the climbing wall now while groups five through seven hike as they did the climbing wall this morning.  All of us need to burn the calories from today's burger lunch on the beach.  Seventy-istudents have chosen to dive tonight, and they are looking forward to it.  With the visibility as good as it is, they should have a memorable dive.

Mr. Brooks

It is CIMI day three and so far i am having a blast! There are so many cool labs and marine mammals that are  just plain spectacular! Right now, we are going rock climbing and it is so much fun! Yesterday, we went snorkeling and saw 19 leopard sharks! It was amazing! We also swam through several kelp forests and saw five or six garibaldi fish!I also love sleeping with all of my friends! I would definently go back to CIMI if i ever got the chance to again.e saw


lol hi mom its been fun and awsome on the snorkl we saw lots of fish and its been a great learning experience and ya thanks cant wait to go to Avalon and to see you.


I really like it in the dorms because it is just like you're having a sleep over at your house or a friend's house.  The people make you feel as if you're at home.  You get to do a lot of fun things and if you don't feel like doing something or can't do something, then you don't have to do it.


Today we went on a hike a cool hike. We went on one of the dirt trails. We played games and were told things about plants and animals on the way. We got to the top and learned how the plates formed the island. The two plates' edges smashed the Farllon plate under the surface, but the top of the plate was scraped. The excess material emerged from the ocean. We created this effectwith oreos. Then we ate the oreos and went down


While snorkeling, I saw a lot of fish like Garabaldi, leopard sharks, and bat rays.  The Garabaldi's are so pretty.  The bat rays are creepy, and the leopard sharks look like loepards.


I love CIMI because the best.  I wish this is what school was like every day.



  1. Thank you to the three teachers for your dedication and enthusiasm!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree... we are so fortunate to have such amazing, dedicated teachers with our kids... what an amazing experience!

  2. OMGosh, What an Awesome Blog posting! We're so excited for you all to have this wonderful experience! We couldn't be happier!! Thank you for keeping us updated, we look forward to it every night! All of the student comments just filled our Heart's with joy! Thank you :-)
    Erin (Blake's Mom)