Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hi this is Colleen! Today we are rock climbing. It's really fun, yet hard. We are listening to music while we are climbing. Got to go climb a wall.

Hi this is Geneva! Im having the best time ever!!!! Yesterday we went kayaking and snorkeling and the day before that we wnt snorkeling. Tonight were going on a night dive. Right now were rock climbing. Got to go be a monkey!!!!

Hello this is Ronnie,

I am having a really good time at CIMI and I hope I will still have a great time for the rest of the week. Tonight I am really exited for the night dive!

Hi this is Evelyn! Im having a really good time at CIMI. We are rock climbing and we got to snorkle yesterday. We are having a really good time!

Hallo! It is Chirag.
I am looking forward to snorkeling tonight. Also, th rock climbing is fun. Soon -the hike.

The kida are happier than ever. We have some ROCK star ROCK CLIMBERS!

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  1. sounds like a ton of fun! checking the blog has been my favorite part of the day this week! great stories and great pictures!