Thursday, March 13, 2014

The clouds and the sun are waging a battle this morning, but it looks like the sun is calling in the cavalry, so we expect blue skies by this afternoon. I am sitting with a group of kids who are learning about sharks, while others are behind me practicing paddling before they get into their kayaks. Sometimes we call Thursday 'Sleepy Day'. The kids are a bit tired and mellow, but as happy as ever.

Any minute now, the shark group will head to the tank, where they will pet rays and leopard sharks. Again, this may be a once-in-a-lifetimer.

We wish we could post more pictures, but as you may have already heard, the wi-fi is incredibly slow at camp. Perhaps this evening we will wait it out and get more loaded.

Mr. Brooks has a water day all day today, but he sends his regards. Tonight is our bonfire at the beach. We will serve s'mores while our kiddos sing songs, watch instructore skits, and perform their own. Most of them will be lamenting the fcat that tomorrow we head back to te mainland. No offense to all of our wonderful parents, but we have heard several requests that we stay at least one more week!

On a serious note, the growth your children are all making is astounding. In a few short days, we have watched them become more responsible and independent. Please enjoy this newfound maturity when your children return home and nuture it by expecting al lot from them.

Thank you for letting your children spread their wings.

Mrs. G

P.S. A bald eagle just flew overhead. :)

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