Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Night, March 11

It is 9:40 PM and all is well! We have some tired kids who have had the time of their lives today. When your child gets home, you will hear all about something called 'corn' or 'long division'. What this really is, is a maze that everyone got to experience tonight. Often, when we ask kids the best part of CIMI, this is it. Yes, it is just a wooden maze built into one of the camp buildings. 

Tonight's dinner was chicken, mashed potaoes and vegetables. First, second and third helpings; no one left hungry. Small, chocolate pudding pies ended the meal. Most of the pies ended up going into mouths and not on faces. Yum!

Tomorrow is another very busy day. Everyone will go on a hike and have a chance to climb the rock wall. (Don't worry, harnesses are required.) Lunch will be a barbque on the beach. 

The day will finish with either a night hike or night snorkel. Both will be a first for most of our kids.

We are very impressed by the way all of our students are not only adjusting to this new environment, but thriving. If only school could be like this all the time.

More tomorrow............... :)

Mrs. G

P.S. We will try to post more often tomorrow. We are so busy that it is hard to find the time!


  1. Thank you, Mrs.G., for finding time to blog. We look forward to reading the blog everyday. Thank you.

  2. Your photos are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing! They couldn't have had more perfect weather!....That starfish shot is just picture perfect!~M. Garcia

  3. Thank you to all the teachers for taking care of the kids this past week. We're grateful for offering this unforgettable experience.
    We're so happy have our child back home again! Have a great weekend!