Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

Today's Weather Forecast:
High of 73
Low of 57
Visibility very clear and beautiful.

We've arrived!! A Bison greeted us on the beach upon arrival!

Today was a wonderful day for all the groups! We had a blast on the Catalina Flyer. The sun was out, the weather was great, and the snack bar was frequently visited. On our way to the island, many of the water taxis were able to see a small pod of dolphins on the way! The luggage for the children took up an entire truck and the male chaperones were hard at work!

Everyone had some time to get situated into the dorm rooms, the boys even had a lesson on how to properly tie a towel when walking to the bathroom. Our first event was a snorkel orientation where the students learned how to put  their wetsuits on. Also, why a part of the wetsuit is called the "happy strap." The water was clear and beautiful! Each group saw a variety of animals including: Garibaldi, Leopard Sharks, seƱorita, and crabs!

After the dive the students were able to take showers and have some free recreation time before dinner. Dinner was delicious, especially after the long day. We had pasta, meatballs, salad, and everyones favorite, rice crispy treats.

The night education programs consist of a lab on nocturnal animals and marine mammals! Check back tomorrow for more pictures and news!

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  1. More update, please. Also, pictures of the kids would be very much appreciated. Thank you.